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Many have asked what the difference is between these two associations so this may help you have a better understanding.


CLA was originally founded in 1890 primarily as a rate payers association but is now legally incorporated as a “not for profit” organization. It has its own board of directors, constitution and by-laws.  Its major objective is to work towards implementing the action plans identified in the Charleston Lake Plan in order to protect natural, physical and social values that contribute to the “quality of life” on Charleston Lake.


Although their goals and objectives are similar, CLEA was formed to provide additional funding to support the environmental activities of CLA. It is incorporated as a “registered charitable organization”.  CLEA will seek individual donations and grant of funds, which will be passed on, as directed by CLEA board of directors and as mandated by the Canada Revenue Agency. CLEA is authorized, under its Constitution and By-Laws, to acknowledge any receipt of gifts by issuing receipts for income tax purposes.​

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