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Dear CLA Members,

Welcome to Summer! Boats are in the water, seasonal cottages are open, and we are seeing a lot more human activity on and around the lake.


I would like to start by recognizing an important milestone: The Charleston Lake Environmental Association (CLEA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Founded in 1999 and established as a Registered Charity, CLEA has undertaken multiple initiatives over the past quarter century to materially improve the environment of Charleston Lake and its watershed. Examples include the Stream Rehabilitation program, the Old Baldy nature reserve (in partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada), and multiple projects with the Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust which have placed 100s of hectares around the lake into permanent conservation. Bravo CLEA, and we look forward to the next quarter century!


If you deeply care about the natural environment of our lake, consider joining CLEA’s Club 100. This is a group of 100 donors who each agree to donate $100 to CLEA to support its activities. And remember, this $100 (or more!) is considered a Charitable donation, and you will be issued a tax receipt by CLEA upon receipt of your donation, which can be made on-line at www.charlestonlakeassociation. ca, or by cheque.


In recent weeks and months, your volunteer CLA and CLEA directors have been very hard at work on a range of initiatives including three I would like to call out here:

  • Sustaining our Shoal Marker program. CLA director Robbie Gibson and his team installed some 75 Shoal Markers all around the lake. This year we replaced 26 buoys and exchanged or added 35 solar-powered lights. We extend our thanks to Robbie and his on-board and on-shore team of Marty Rukavina, Jordan Gibson-Banks, and Brody Knapp, who made it possible. You help make Charleston Lake a safer place for us to enjoy.

  • Maintaining and installing Loon Nesting Rafts. CLA director Dwayne Struthers and his team maintain 7 rafts at different locations around the lake. A first for this year, our rafts now feature digital video cameras. Our Social Media team will post images from time to time on our Facebook and Instagram pages. And please do not approach the nesting rafts. We don’t want the adults to flee the nest, leaving it vulnerable to predators.

  • Supporting the Canada Day Celebration. The July 1st celebration (this year being held on Saturday, June 29), is a highlight of the social calendar around the lake. This year, CLA is proud to support a live music venue at the Main Dock. Come on by and tap your foot to the sounds of a great local band, and meet and greet fellow Charleston Lake families.

As always, let me conclude by once again thanking you, our paying CLA members. Without your support, year after year, we could not do what we do. We are always looking for ideas and volunteers, so if you are passionate about something around the lake and want to work on it, do reach out to me or one of our Directors.

Yours in preserving and enhancing Charleston Lake, 

Michael McAdoo - President Charleston Lake Association

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