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"Even a pebble cast in the middle of a lake creates ripples that eventually reach the shores"  Jeffrey G

Welcome to our 2023 Summer edition of the Charleston Lake Association newsletter.  Summer is here and a sure sign is that the shoal markers are in place. Thanks to Robbie Gibson and his team of volunteers.

You will find several interesting articles in this issue and your Board of Directors members are pleased to share some of their completed, ongoing and emerging initiatives. 

  • There are changes to our Youth Bursaries which will make them more accessible to all our members' families regardless of where they attend school.  You will find details on the CLA website. 

  • With the help of CLA member, Brent McNamee, we now have an online Charleston Lake Fish Diary, which should be a great improvement over our previous paper format diaries.  Thank-you Brent.

  • Our Summer Camps have recovered well from our temporary stoppage due to COVID and are once again filling to capacity with continuously improving programs.

  • The Doug Hale Memorial Annual Golf Tournament is alive and well and scheduled for July 29.  Make sure to register on our website soon if you wish to participate it his important fundraising event, as it fills up quickly.

  • Many of you remember Dr. David Philipps's presentation at our last AGM, as well as his article in our last newsletter regarding a study on bass spawning in Charleston Lake.  This study resulted in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry proposing two temporary fishing sanctuaries for a two year period beginning in 2024 in order to provide further research.  This study has the support of the Charleston Lake Association with a view to protect and improve bass fishing on Charleston Lake.  The deadline for consultation on the Fishery sanctuary proposal is June 19th.  Please ensure that yo make your views known by submitting your comment s on the Ministry of Natural Resources website.  You will find a link to it on the Charleston Lake Association website.

  • A lead-free tackle initiative is being launched in order to educate fishers on the deadly effect of lead on wildlife, as well as to provide information on alternative fishing tackle. 

Finally, thank-you for your support which allows us to embark on these many projects and to continue to strive to maintain "Charleston Lake beautiful in every way".

We wish you another memorable summer on Charleston Lake. 

Pierre Menard - President Charleston Lake Association

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