Presidents Message Winter 2022

Welcome to another edition of the Charleston Lake Association Newsletter. This is my first newsletter since taking over the reins from Bill Hallam as President of the Association.

To begin with, I would like to acknowledge Bill’s contribution to the Association. Bill has been a member of the association for 21 years and was President for 11 of those years. Over that time, he guided the Association through many significant
milestones including important conservation initiatives. Whether it was with respect to the Associations Strategic Plan or building bridges with other like organizations, as I meet our members and partners, his name continuously comes up as a dedicated and great supporter of our lake and our mandate to “keep Charleston Lake beautiful in every way”. Bill continues to be
a member of the Association’s executive in his role as vice-president for the south portion of the lake. He remains involved as well in many of our ongoing initiatives and provides the board and myself with very sage advice.


I would also like to acknowledge Wayne Ashford, Rob Ross and Steve Arthur of the Charleston Lake Environmental Association Board of Directors, as well as Jay Kyle of the Charleston Lake Association Board of Directors, who have recently taken their leave. While we have new members on the boards, we are always looking for volunteers to join us in helping us in achieving our
many goals.

I have been a member of the board  of directors for over 10 years and I  intend to continue to support all our  ongoing initiatives to make our lake  beautiful and safe.  

While visitor levels to the lake  appeared to remain relatively stable  through the Covid-19 pandemic,  it was certainly encouraging to see  many of our American seasonal  residents, some of whom are CLA  members, returning to their cottages  late last summer as the border rules  were relaxed. Let us hope that the  Covid-19 pandemic ends or at least  becomes minor in nature soon so  that a sense of normality returns to  our everyday lives. Consequently,  we hope that some of our initiatives,  such as the Summer Camps and Golf  Tournament, will return this year.  

Thanks to directors Michael McAdoo.  John Webster. Nicole Rozario as  well as Sue Willson for their work  on our Boating Awareness Safety  initiative. I encourage you to read the  article regarding this very important  initiative included in this newsletter.  

For the last couple of years, large  portions of eastern Ontario, including  Charleston Lake saw a significant  infestation of the LDD Moth more  commonly known as the Gypsy moth  which had serious consequences  to tree foliage in early summer.  Experts are monitoring the situation,  but it is expected they will return  this year. However, the cold weather  that we experienced in January may help to reduce their number.  There are useful articles online.  

There is also a very interesting article  in this newsletter from the Invasive  Species Centre about an invasive  plant known as Water Soldier which  was discovered in Red Lake in 2020.  The proximity of this invasive plant  further reinforces the need for all of  us to be very vigilant. 

Thanks go out to Gary Neilson  and John Willson for volunteering  to take over Water Quality Testing  from Reg Genge of Ontario Lake  Assessment. After participating with  Reg in water testing during the  summer of 2021, they are ready to  take on this most important initiative  which keeps us informed on the  quality of our water. We look forward  to their report on water quality in  upcoming newsletters.  

Last year saw our Annual General  Meeting go virtual as Covid related  restrictions and concern for our  members’ safety made it preferable  not to have an actual in person  meeting. It actually was a success and  was well attended however, we hope  to return to an in-person meeting on  July 9, 2022, at the Oak Leaf Anglican  Church this year. More on this in our  summer newsletter.  

I hope that you enjoy this newsletter  and I encourage you to visit our  website as well. Have a great  Spring and many enjoyable days at  Charleston Lake.  

Pierre Menard - President