Presidents Message (Winter 2021)

2020 has been a year like no other, one to remember or more aptly, not to remember. The world -wide Covid pandemic has affected us all in myriad ways almost beyond belief. Relief is on the horizon and lets hope that 2021 will bring brighter days ahead for all. In spite of all the events cancelled or postponed, one thing that did not change and that keeps us all safe on the lake is the maintenance, installation and removal of shoal markers. Once again, thanks to Robbie Gibson, George Bellisle, Cody Johnson and Lucas Dixie for their work.


Water quality is always a top priority and something that we sometimes take for granted. Unfortunately for the first time in over 20 years, in 2020 no water testing was conducted on Charleston Lake due to Covid restrictions. The Lake Partner Program, a government funded organization that analyzes our water samples, was shut down temporarily due to Covid. Reg Genge, from Ontario Lake Assessments, who conducts all our water quality work was set to retire, but thankfully has agreed to continue for one more year. According to Reg, Charleston Lake has been in good shape for many years and he does not expect any major changes to have occurred in 2020.

Many programs have been affected and may see change in 2021.

  • Youth Summer Programs -tentatively planned for this summer.

  • Golf Tournament - tentatively planned for August 14th

  • Info Centre - expected to be open with restrictions.

  • AGM - tentatively planned for July 31st. Location and time to be announced.

  • Water testing to go ahead for 2021.


All of the above are dependent on Covid 19 restrictions imposed by the Health Authority. The hope is that by late spring or early summer more normal conditions will prevail and we all will be able to return to beautiful Charleston Lake. A decision on the roll out of the above programs to be made in April/May 2021.


Numerous complaints were received this past summer from lake residents concerned about boat size, speed and noise. It is important to remember that to keep Charleston Lake in its present great condition we have to respect this precious resource, treat it with care and make sure our actions on the lake do not detract from the enjoyment of other lake users and residents. Many of the complaints also echoed concerns for our loon population, due to the affect of boat wakes and speed. If we want to continue to hear the haunting call of the loon we need to give them their space. Our actions do make a difference.


We are including results from MNR & F of the Broad Scale Study conducted 2 years ago. This study gives us an idea of the numbers and different species of fish in Charleston Lake.


Please read the Thank You for Asking question included in this newsletter regarding the situation here at Charleston Lake and the proliferation in Eastern Ontario of Gypsy Moth Caterpillars.


As always we welcome your input and questions. Visit our website for events and updates.


Wishing everyone a safe and healthy winter and hope to see you in the summer of 2021.


President - Bill Hallam