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BE WAKE AWARE - Video Launch (Safe Quiet Lakes)


This summer, Safe Quiet Lakes, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Association and the Muskoka Lakes Association jointly funded the Be #WakeAware video and education campaign in response to the rising challenge Ontario cottagers are reporting from the wakes of wakeboard and surf boats damaging shorelines, disturbing lake recreational activities like swimming and paddling and causing increased noise pollution.


We hope the video encourages boat users to consider and mitigate the impact of their wakes at all times, particularly by avoiding the shore when towing and surfing. Don’t forget to share the lake and


Please also share this video with your family, friends and neighbours, to remind all lake users that being respectful of others and watching your wake will make all of our lakes and waterways safer and quieter.


If you would like to purchase a NO WAKE sign please email –


Have a wonderful and safe long weekend on the water.

Be #WakeAware - YouTube Video

About Safe Quiet Lakes

Safe Quiet Lakes is a not-for-profit community group of boaters that promote safe, respectful boating.


We believe that positive, grass root conversations and education are important drivers of change. We created the Boater’s Code to help get the conversation started. 

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