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All Ecosystems are incrementally weakened as they diminish in size.  Size not only matters, it is critical, bigger is always better. A bigger patch of forest has the ability to host a greater number of species. With the help of The Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust, the Nature Conservancy of Canada and  CLA/CLEA, roughly 2000 acres of land in and around Charleston Lake has been protected and will remain undeveloped.  These include: 

  • SHEFFIELD PROPERTY - 650 acres - attaches to Charleston Lake in Donaldsons Bay, was turned over to the Provincial Park, CLA/CLEA contribution $10000.

  • OLD BALDY (Indian Head) - 140 acres, CLA/CLEA contribution $10000.

  • LEADERS CREEK - 256 acres - 2 properties, Carson property 50 acres and one property of  206 acres, CLA/ CLEA contribution - Carson property $1000 and  $10000 for the other. 

  • FOSTERS BAY - 50 acres  - Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust (TIWLT)

  • Dr ROSS PROPERTY - 900 acres ( Donaldson Bay)- (TIWLT)

  • HASKINS PROPERTY - 115 acres donated to the Provincial Park, near Tallow Rock Bay

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