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Broad-Scale Fisheries Monitoring Bulletin (Charleston Lake - FMZ 18 - 2018-2022)
For the past twelve years, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has been conducting provincial fisheries assessments as part of its Broadscale Monitoring (BsM) program. Charleston Lake  is identified as a “trend” lake, to be assessed on a five year cycle as part of the BsM program, within Fisheries Management Zone 18. BsM provides a snapshot of the entire fish community within a given waterbody but it is primarily designed to survey either Lake Trout, Walleye or Brook Trout.

This program collects information from representatives lakes in fisheries management zones across the province to help biologists manage our fisheries effectiely.  This bulletin provides a snapshot of recent monitoring activities and netting results.  the sampling approach allows us to measure and evaluate the health of Onatrios's lakes and their fish communities, and track changes through time over broad areas of Ontario.

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